Mind, Soul and Spirit

Bull Creek

The often asked question by visitors to Lemonthyme Wilderness Retreat is . . .

Why was the Lodge built in such a “remote” location?

To those who understand the dream of the founder of Lemonthyme this is a periphrastic question – the very feeling engendered by the 8 kilometre drive down Dolcoath Road and arrival at the Retreat is exactly the experience that the legendry Daryl Stafford wished others to embrace. Daryl grew up in the bush – he understood the connection between mind, soul and spirit that can only be encountered in an environment like that surrounding the Lemonthyme Wilderness Retreat.

Bull Creek

One of the most understated features of this pristine pocket of Tasmanian temperate rainforest is Bull Creek. In the 26 years since the Lodge was built this creek has never run dry. Fed from the catchment and mountain springs of the highland plateau above the creek provides the source for the water supply which, after passing through our filtration plant, is as enjoyable to consume as any water on earth!!

Consistent with Lemonthyme’s environmental values to minimise the footprint we leave not only on our immediate vicinity but on the Earth as a whole, we generate our own hydro-electricity from water taken from and returned back into Bull Creek. Since 1991 our 52 kW Pelton single jet turbine micro hydro power system has silently produced clean energy to substantially meet our energy requirements. Water is extracted from the creek at our weir above Bridal Veil Falls providing a 208 metre drop to the turbine at a rate of 46 litres per second. The 2260 metre pipeline is made from PVC/polythene and is buried underground for the majority of its length. The original cost of the scheme was about $130,000 but we estimate that we recover that amount every two years.

Approximately one in every 7 years Tasmania has a dry winter followed by an extreme summer. Such was the case last year into this current year. Unfortunately, this means reverting to our diesel generator backup for up to 15 hours a day. We were glad to see rain arrive over recent weeks and the full flow of Bull Creek restored.

Apart from its practical applications Bull Creek provides some of the most awesome nature photo opportunities imaginable. Highlighted by the Champagne and Bridal Veil waterfalls the rocky course of the rivulet babbles down the valley with stunning manferns overhanging and a plethora of other flora blending into a mirage of magnificent rainforest.

All part of the Lemonthyme Wilderness Retreat experience – the way the world should be!!